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The Assessment API

That goes beyond the resume. 

The #1 API-first platform for talent leaders to virtually assess the personality, cognitive traits and well-being of their employees and candidates.

Predictive, fair talent assessment at scale.

Video + Speech + Audio

Yobs API lets you extract deep cognitive insights from text, audio and video conversations with cutting-edge technology while protecting your people's personal data with military-grade security. 

Talent Intelligence

With a simple API, Yobs helps organizations tap into 50+ years of advanced Industrial / Organizational science and data-driven best practices. The result is predictive, fair talent decisions at scale. 

Rest API

The Yobs API can be applied to text, video and voice data such as digital interviews, coaching sessions and manager 1-on-1's

to support recruitment, talent management, employee well-being and outplacement.

 Your business is losing millions of dollars

hidden in your unstructured voice and video data.

High turnover, low show-out rate, missed hires and average performance. People are more than resumes and cover letters.

It's time to harness your digital conversations into valuable predictors of talent success.

Drive talent well-being in a remote work environment

By measuring live engagement, changes in emotions, behavior and stress levels, the Yobs API helps you understand how your candidates and employees feel. Yobs reports can be shared to give people feedback so they can understand themseleves and others better.

Access predictive, fair assessment reports at scale

Get beautiful talent reports on individual strengths, weaknesses, values and how they compare against others with our API-first platform. Take them to meetings, share them with your clients and more!

Easily build predictive models with rich assessment data. 

What do my top managers have in common? What behaviors drive more sales conversion? Talent metrics are hard to predict. Yobs provides your organization with the key insights you are missing on values, behavior, soft skills, personality and more. We do this with trained PhDs in I/O Psychology and state-of-the arts Natural Language Processing technology.

Upgrade your audio and video products with strategic data.

From assessing the communication skills and values of an employee to identifying knowledge gaps in responses of a customer support representative, the Yobs API lets product leaders add real-time insights to their voice and video products.

Companies that use Yobs

Understand underlying drivers of key talent metrics like turnover, performance and diversity.


Identify potential early in the hiring process.


Make workforce management more inclusive with objective talent data.


How it Works

1. Tell us what you're building

Schedule a time to tell our team about what you're building using the "Get Demo" tab. We can help you with your roadmap or simply share best practices for using our API.

2. Request an

Auth token

Request developer access directly from the platform and review our API documentation.

3. Access behavioral insights

Get AI Talent Assessment reports back in minutes and start tapping into the power of your talent data.

4. Get feedback and iterate

Whether your insights are used by your internal data team or by decision makers, Yobs is here to support you in building the best iteration possible.

Give your decision-makers the talent data

they need to succeed

Case Studies

Talent Acquisition

Reduce time-to-hire and remove bias from phone and video interviews by identifying communication skills, knowledge gaps and values objectively.

Learning and


Identify knowledge gaps of junior hires, key values of your organization and track the impact of learning programs.

Customer Service 

and BPO

Predict risk of churn and identify upsell opportunities in every conversation with advanced speech analytics.

Health Care 

and Insurance

Predict patient non-adherence with personality insights and speech analytics.

Defense Sector

Identify potential and risks at every layer of the chain of command based on personality and soft skills.

ISA Programs & Bootcamps

Track the metrics that drive student success for your program to consistently get a return on your investment.

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