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Integrate Yobs into any video platform that you are already using and receive a detailed report on the strengths and limitations of your workforce - cheaper, easier, and more scalable than ever before.

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Tools to build more strategic teams

Our patented technology analyzes video, audio, and text and then uses AI and machine learning to assess over 400 parameters. Each report includes a personality snapshot, soft skills assessment, and personalized coaching suggestions including communication and learning styles.

Openess to Experience
Emotional Stability
More predictive than traditional assessments
Decrease in time to hire
Accuracy guaranteed by experts in the loop

Insights to power your entire people operations

Yobs is an API-based solution that offers rich video and text-based talent psychometric and soft skills assessments supporting the world's leading talent professionals hiring and retaining global and distributed teams while building supportive, diverse, meritocratic cultures while mitigating churn.

Get started in a minute with our pre-built interview and report templates

Templates are a framework for easily conducting interviews with and assessing people within job categories. Each template provides psychologist-suggested questions to elicit the type of responses that will accurately measure the traits and sub-facets that matter the most when evaluating candidates or employees in the selected job category. With templates you can optimize your interview questions while saving you time and money working through the labor-intensive process of conducting a world-class job analysis for every role.

How does Yobs work?

" I’m impressed with Yobs platform’s ability to combine expert judgment with algorithms to enable talent development and upskilling for millions of people.

This makes Yobs best-in-class on the market."

Dr. Adam Grant
Organizational Psychologist Best-Selling Author

" We rely on Yobs' inclusive and scalable assessment platform to empower 1,000+ employees at Nissan to grow and inform our succession planning processes. Both the quality and scale of our talent development efforts have increased by an order of magnitude."

Julie Rogacki - Global Talent Management Nissan

Start in a snap, no expertise required

You don't need a large HR team, historical data, or external consultants anymore. We have templates designed by I-O Psychologists spanning industries, roles, and user types.

No-code required. And our API is flexible enough to integrate Yobs with the tools you already use! Make better decisions without breaking your flow of work.

Yobs API is fair

Yobs has been rigorously tested and scientifically proven to reduce bias. Our API is fair in regards to race and gender, legally defensible and compliant with Data Privacy and Security laws.

The science behind Yobs

Reducing biases in hiring and talent
development with Yobs video assessments

Yobs Technologies’ API has been adopted by a variety of large clients throughout the world. This white paper summarizes insights learned about Yobs API when deployed with a large retailer, a global career development company, and a multi-billion dollar staffing agency

Case Studies

Read how Yobs Technology transformed the hiring and talent development process of Leroy Merlin, Nissan, and Nova Talent.

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Our team is committed to continually building an iterating our API in order to provide a serviceable solution for any company. If you have a question, request, or specific use case please don't hesitate to reach out and a member of our team will get back to you!

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