Make better & fairer

talent decisions.

Yobs helps organizations virtually assess the potential, personality, and

well-being of employees with behavioral science and technology.

Predictive, fair talent assessment at scale.

100% Remote

Yobs offers rich video and text-based talent assessments to support global and distributed teams in their recruitment, talent management and internal mobility efforts.  

On-demand expertise

 Yobs customers virtually access trained assessment experts equipped with technology and data-driven best practices. The result is predictive, fair talent decisions at scale within 24 hours. 


No extra headcount, timezone conflicts and IT headaches. Yobs' API-first solution makes it easy to scale up and down and see employee insights directly in their system of choice.

Business is moving online and to video.

Automate assessments wherever your people are.

Tap into data-informed best practices to run hiring, upskilling, talent management, and internal mobility.

Yobs makes it possible to hire, retain and develop talent with better and fairer assessments.

Drive retention & well-being in a remote work environment

By measuring engagement, personality, behavior and stress levels, organizations make better and fairer people decisions. The Yobs talent reports can easily be shared across teams, departments and systems for cross-functional collaboration.

Proven science, accesible to all.

Yobs packages data-informed best practices and 50+ years of advanced industrial/organizational psychology and break them down in actionable, easy-to-use information. With our simple API, your team gets visual reports on individual strengths and tips to manage individual personalities in your system of choice. Take them to meetings, share them across teams and more!

Build and develop high-performing 

teams with rich assessment data. 

What do my top managers have in common? What behaviors drive more sales conversion? It's hard to overcome biases and inform people decisions with data. Yobs provides the missing insights on behavior, soft skills, personality and more to build, develop and retain high-performing teams. 

Customize the assessment API around your talent use case.

From assessing the communication skills and fit of a candidate to getting actionable tips on managing a new hire, product leaders have 30+ assessment features to choose from in the Yobs API and can choose in which systems and platforms they will see them.

Companies that use Yobs

Understand and assess drivers of retention, performance and well-being across their teams.


Identify potential early in the hiring process, even for remote candidates.


Make workforce management decisions fairer and better.


How it Works

1. Tell us about your use case

Schedule a time to tell our team about what you're building using the "Get Demo" tab. We can demo the solution for your use case and share best practices for using our API.

2. Get started with the API

Request developer access from the platform and review our API documentation to get started in minutes. For enterprises, our customer success team will work with you to get your company set up with white-glove service.

3. Access behavioral insights

That's it! Get talent assessment reports back in minutes where you want them and start sharing them with your team or with other departments.

4. White-glove


Whether your insights are used by your data team, HR or management, Yobs is here to support you in achieving enterprise-wide success.

Automate talent assessments for better & fairer decisions today

Case Studies


Reduce time-to-hire and remove bias from phone screens, video interviews and writing samples by identifying communication skills, personality and fit with proven science.

Learning and


Identify the behaviors of success across teams and continuously inform training and development efforts with data.

Sales, Customer Service 

and BPO

Coach agents and reps automatically in every conversation with advanced speech analytics.

Health Care 

and Insurance

Predict patient non-adherence with personality insights and speech analytics.

Defense Sector

Identify potential and risks at every layer of the chain of command based on personality and soft skills.

ISA Programs & Bootcamps

Track the metrics that drive student success for your program to consistently get a return on your investment.

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