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Yobs is an AI-powered coach that pinpoints strengths and areas of improvement by analyzing communication during online meetings.
The result is organizational growth fueled by data - rather than opinions.

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How does Yobs' AI-powered coach work?

Your People have Superpowers, because their personality, style and experiences are diverse and unique. Yobs helps you pinpoint these superpowers with real data by sitting in on meetings. It instantly records, transcribes and analyzes the meeting, and you get a feedback report on your desk by the end of the day!


Instantly record Zoom meetings or use any of our on-demand video recording partners. Yobs can even analyze pre-recorded files you upload.


Yobs transcribes and analyzes communication to pinpoint key behavioral indicators in a person, which can be strengths or performance risks depending on the job.


Our talent intelligence can then be used by leaders to inform organizational development with data - rater than opinions.

How do companies utilize Talent Intelligence?

Talent Intelligence is the new way of replacing bias and opinions with quantifiable data powered by AI and behavioral science. Managers can now pinpoint strengths, areas of improvement, and job fit. Then get insights delivered at scale to boost individual and organizational growth.

Talent Acquisition

Get more out of your Zoom interviews with evidence-based analytics on your candidate's job fit, strengths and performance risks. Reduce your time to hire, and help build a diverse culture while embracing a fair, explainable process.

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Talent Development

Because we give deep insights into the key drivers of performance, Yobs enables talent leaders to build high-performing teams and a world-class culture based on merit and inclusion. It's a down payment on employee retention.

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Built Into Your Existing Platform, Or Use Ours.

You may have already invested in systems to meet your business or talent requirements; so Yobs Technology is built to fit into hundreds of existing systems.


Create and share a scalable one-way recording experience. Choose your questions, invite participants, hide personally-identifiable info, and Yobs analyzes the results. The report is sent directly to you when completed.

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Live Meetings

Instantly add Yobs to your next meeting on Zoom or any other videoconferencing platforms. Yobs records, transcribes, analyzes and sends you a feedback report before the end of the day.

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Choose from a variety of pre-built question templates designed by experts to deploy in any process. Built for on-demand or live interviews.

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Receive A Sample Interview OR Coaching Report in Minutes

Want to know what a Yobs feedback report looks like? We've put together a couple sample reports for you to check out!

How does Yobs combine AI + Behavioral Science?

The Yobs API is a scientifically validated talent assessment technology that can analyze responses to job-related questions provided in an audio, video or text format. To do this, we transcribe and analyze what is said using natural language processing technology and experts-in-the-loop. This allows us to pinpoint the key behavioral indicators of a person, which can be strengths or performance risks depending on the job. We then deliver personalized insights to accelerate that person's growth and performance on the job.

Speech and verbal skills

The speaker's naturally spoken answers are transcribed into text automatically in 60+ languages. The content is then analyzed linguistically for word choice, sentence construction preferences, and more using natural language processing. We don't use the video data, do facial analysis or capture PII for bias and privacy reasons.

Predictive, and vetted for subconscious bias

Our models and datasets are constantly vetted for adverse impact that can arise from demographic, physical, linguistic, and accent differences between individuals. We also use best practices in industrial-organizational (I-O) science to link our assessments to job-relevance. Our Pre-Built profiles are informed by what is proven to make someone successful in a given role. Our bank of recommended questions are designed by I-O experts to generate desirable variance in results. We also perform local job analyses and local job validation to ensure our models predict success on the job.

Combining AI + Experts

Yobs employs, trains and assists expert reviewers with quality assurance tools to ensure that every talent report is accurate and unbiased. Bringing together into one solution what AI and human experts are best at.

Hear what our customers say:

"We are extremely happy about our collaboration with Yobs. This is another step towards having a more digital and candidate-friendly selection process that can truly help us find and assess candidates at scale. By moving away from traditional, self-reported personality assessments, we are also being more accurate at selecting the very best talent."

Ramon Rodriganez
Co-founder & COO @ Nova Talent

"We rely on Yobs' inclusive and scalable assessment platform to empower 1,000+ employees at Nissan to grow and inform our succession planning processes. Both the quality and scale of our talent development efforts have increased by an order of magnitude."

Julie Rogacki
Global Talent Management @ Nissan


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