Download our ultimate guide to structure interviews

According to Harvard Business Review research, structured interviews are 2x more predictive and less biased than unstructured interviews.

In this guide, our Chief I-O Psychologist Dr. Derek Mracek, who previously trained interviewers at Amazon and other Fortune 100 companies, shares the 3 principles to asking high-signal, structured questions during the interview process. These principles have been proven to be most effective to systematically uncover candidates' strengths, weaknesses & job fit. 

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3 secrets to structured interviews that predict job success

Interviewing is human – which means it can also be slow, inconsistent, and biased. Yet, there is little by way of training and accountability for the decisions made.

That’s why promoting consistency and structure is the North Star for improving any interview process.

In this guide, learn the 3 principles behind the gold standard for interviewing and how to implement them:

  • Developing and using effective interview plans
  • Standardizing how your team evaluates candidate
  • How to continuously train and coach interviewers
  • ...and more on the science behind it all
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Why customers love Yobs:

Consistently better hiring decisions

Assess candidates' true competencies with real evidence.

A more efficient hiring process

Support teams to hire with conviction and reduce indecision.

Less implicit bias

Crush bias where it really hurts: in every interview and hiring decision.

A better candidate experience

Give every candidate the interview experience they deserve.