Nova Talent

Nova Talent makes their selection process 25% shorter and 20% more predictive by replacing their legacy assessment with Yobs’ API 

Nova Talent makes their selection process 25% shorter and 20% more predictive by replacing their legacy assessment with Yobs’ API 

The Challenge:

Identify high-potential talent through a frictionless and non-biased selection process while reducing drop-off & friction.

The Outcome:

Nova turned their video interviews in a more predictive talent assessment than their existing one with the Yobs API. Allowing them to streamline their process and make better talent decisions. 


Nova Talent is the global by-invitation-only top-talent network that connects high potential individuals amongst themselves and with the best professional opportunities. Nova identifies high-potential talent and provides them with resources to help with their professional development. 

Their proprietary selection process takes into account over 200 data points. Among those, they analyze academic and professional achievements, 

competencies such as communication, leadership, or problem-solving, or personal traits such as curiosity, drive, or self-awareness. 

Before using Yobs, the Nova selection process consisted of 5 steps: a background section, a references section, an IQ test, a personality test, and a video interview. Having so many steps caused a significant drop-off throughout the process, which lasted 40-45 mins

The Problem:

Nova was looking for a more candidate-friendly, less biased, and more accurate to issue their candidate assessments on personality, as the self-reported personality test took time from candidates and is not the most precise way to measure personality traits. 


Nova used the Yobs API to turn their candidate video interviews into a scientifically validated personality assessment. This enabled them to remove the personality test step in the process that previously created drop-off. 


Predictive: Candidates selected for admission scored ~20% higher than rejected candidates on 3 of the Yobs' big 5 traits (openness, extraversion, agreeableness).

Useful candidate data: The Yobs assessment was better at identifying differences between selected and rejected candidates than the existing assessment. 

Better & faster candidate experience: The Yobs assessment improved the candidate experience by removing a step from the selection process as Nova was already conducting video interviews as part of their process. 

Less time-to-hire: Time-to-hire shortened by 25% by using Yobs API

Easier collaboration: The Yobs assessment data is easily collected and shared across Nova’s collaboration tools thanks to its API. Allowing for greater collaboration across teams.