Reale Group

Reale Group uses Yobs to reduce their time-to-hire up to 75% 

Reale Group uses Yobs to reduce their time-to-hire up to 75% 

The Challenge:

Reduce assessment time and efforts for the recruiting process while removing bias and improving the candidate experience.

The Outcome:

The software and assessment reports provided by Yobs optimized the recruiting process while making it diverse & inclusive, and made collaboration more effective and efficient between departments. 


Reale Group, with over 4,000 employees and $3.8B in income, is one of the leading insurance companies in Europe. 

Every year, the company hires hundreds of recent grads out of top universities. Yobs and Reale Group started collaborating in 04/2020 on their Talent Acquisition Program. 

During Summer 2020 hundreds of candidates have completed Yobs video interviews.

The Problem:

Before using Yobs, the Reale Mutual recruiting team had to coordinate interviews between hundreds of candidates and make them go through 4 steps. Initial in-person interview, second interview, assessment, and final interview. This required significant time and effort on the recruiter side to schedule and welcome the candidates, and hurt the candidate experience for recent grads who were already in high demand. 

Due to the recent diversity and inclusion policies, Reale Group also needed an assessment that accounted for cultural differences compared to their recruiting process and internal assessment which was Italian-centric.


Reale Group worked with the Yobs team to configure adequate questions and standardize its process, understanding which traits were more relevant for the positions opened. Reale Group started to interview and assess people at once and completely remotely and candidates were able to take it on their own time, streamlining the process significantly. 12 hours per candidate to 6 minutes + 1-hour 

final interview. 

The Yobs API delivered the video interviews as well as an initial report on the soft skills, personality, and cognitive traits of each candidate within less than 24 hours of each interview. 


Reale Group recruiting team saved 2100+ hours on the first 150 candidates by not having to schedule and deploy 1-2 recruiters to conduct each interview (60 mins each) on a 4 steps process. 

The recruiting team was able to easily collaborate across offices and departments on each candidate’s video interview and assessment report. Increasing the general confidence in the hiring decisions made and reducing blind spots. Making the entire process explainable and accountable. 

In the end, the hiring process was cut by 3 weeks or a 75% reduction in time-to-hire. 

The candidates showed high satisfaction ratings thanks to the fast process and greater responsiveness from the Reale Group team, made possible by the time savings of the tool.