The proven scorecard template to hire top startup design talent

Design talent both Individual Contributors (IC) and Managers are vital to the growth of your startup. Establishing your unique brand identity helps you stand out to potential customers and drives demand. So when you’re growing fast, a mis-hire in these roles can flatten your company's trajectory toward the moon. Don’t let that happen with Yobs' Design Interview Scorecard.

What's a Yobs hiring scorecard?

The Yobs Design Scorecard are built around competencies predictive of success in Design. Each kit includes a scorecard with (a) definitions of the competencies, (b) interview questions in the context of Design and if relevant managing a team, and (c) signals to look for in a candidate’s interview answers. 

Some competencies are more important than others when predicting performance, depending on the responsibilities of the job.

The Design Individual Contributor (IC) Scorecard focuses on the competencies that matter the most.


Creative problem solver


Pays attention to details


Volunteers for challenges


Hard working and orderly


Sets and achieves goals

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Relevant Job titles

The following job titles are especially relevant to the Design Individual Contributor Scorecard.

The Design Manager Scorecard focuses on the competencies that matter the most.

Customer Focus

Builds strong customer relationships

Drives Results

Consistently gets team to deliver


Volunteers for challenges

Develops Talent

Coaching and developing others


Sets and achieves goals

Relevant Job titles to Data Manager Scorecard

The following job titles are especially relevant to the Design Manager Interview Kit.

Scorecards include a balance of behaviorally- and scenario-based questions. On one hand, past behavior predicts future behavior and future performance. On the other hand, scenario-based questions are more flexible and future-facing to allow candidates to shoot their shot. Taken together, evidence supports a blend of multiple methods to optimize for predicting on-the-job success for Design Individual Contributors.

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