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Yobs is an AI-powered coach that pinpoints strengths and areas of improvement by analyzing communication during online meetings.
The result is organizational growth fueled by data - rather than opinions.

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Yobs Single Assessment

We have partnered with VideoAsk in order to build an on-demand soft skills test for anyone to try. This test takes 5 minutes to complete and will provide you with a personalized 18-page report on your soft skills, how to maximize your strengths and overcome limitations. Your results will be emailed directly to you within 24 hours.

Please make sure to enter your email address so we can send you the report upon completion.

Questions utilized for this demo:
1. Can you please quickly introduce yourself and tell us about your academic studies and your work experience?
2. What lessons have you learned from your last job position?
3. Give us an example of a time you went above the call of duty at work?

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Yobs integrates into any tools that you want to use.


Instantly record Zoom meetings or use any of our on-demand video recording partners. Yobs can even analyze pre-recorded files you upload.


Yobs transcribes and analyzes communication to pinpoint key behavioral indicators in a person, which can be strengths or performance risks depending on the job.


Our talent intelligence can then be used by leaders to inform organizational development with data - rater than opinions.

How do companies utilize Talent Intelligence?

Talent Intelligence is the new way of replacing bias and opinions with quantifiable data powered by AI and behavioral science. Managers can now pinpoint strengths, areas of improvement, and job fit. Then get insights delivered at scale to boost individual and organizational growth.

Talent Acquisition

Get more out of your Zoom interviews with evidence-based analytics on your candidate's job fit, strengths and performance risks. Reduce your time to hire, and help build a diverse culture while embracing a fair, explainable process.

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Talent Development

Because we give deep insights into the key drivers of performance, Yobs enables talent leaders to build high-performing teams and a world-class culture based on merit and inclusion. It's a down payment on employee retention.

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