The proven scorecard template to hire top startup leadership talent

Effective executive leaders are vital to the growth of your company. When you’re growing fast, sharing the reins of your company to a mis-hire can flatten your company's trajectory toward the moon. Don’t let that happen with Yobs Interview Kits.

What's a Yobs hiring scorecard?

The Yobs Leadership Interview Kits are built around competencies predictive of success for executives. Each kit includes a scorecard with (a) definitions of the competencies, (b) interview questions in the context of executive leadership, and (c) signals to look for in a candidate’s interview answers. 

Some competencies are more important than others when predicting performance, depending on the responsibilities of the job.

The Leadership Interview Kit focuses on the competencies that matter the most.

Strategic Mindset

Translating vision to action

Plans And Aligns

Aligns goals with org

Financial Acumen

Forecasts financial impact of decisions

Builds Effective Teams

Builds teams of trust and cooperation

Drives Engagement

Motivates others

Download the Startup Leadership Scorecard

Relevant Job titles

The following job titles are especially relevant to the Leadership Interview Kit.

Interview kits include a balance of behaviorally- and scenario-based questions. On one hand, past behavior predicts future behavior and future performance. On the other hand, scenario-based questions are more flexible and future-facing to allow candidates to shoot their shot. Taken together, evidence supports a blend of multiple methods to optimize for predicting on-the-job success for executive leaders.

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