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Yobs is the people intelligence platform - using AI and behavioral science—rather than opinions—to measure individual strengths, performance risks and deliver insights at scale. Join the world's fastest growing companies in hiring and developing talent better, faster, and more equitably.

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" I’m impressed with Yobs platform’s ability to combine expert judgment with algorithms to enable talent development and upskilling for millions of people. This makes Yobs best-in-class on the market."

Adam Grant — Organizational Psychologist Best-Selling Author

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The #1 data-driven tool to measure human potential

Yobs equips entire organizations with the right data and technology to hire, develop, and retain top talent in a rapidly changing world. Hard skills can be learned and eventually become obsolete, while soft skills and potential are the ultimate drivers of performance. Yobs replaces fuzzy notes and implicit bias from unstructured interviews with a data-driven measure of job-fit certified by experts.

Empathy & Listening
More predictive than resume and experience only
Decrease in time to hire
Increase in interviewee NPS
To significantly reduce bias

Raising the quality of every interview
and employee 360

Yobs applies the science of Industrial-Organizational (I-O) Psychology to Instantly improve the quality of every hiring and manager conversation. Equip recruiters and managers with a Smart Assistant to guide the conversation and capture key highlights. Yobs then delivers a structured analysis of job-fit and actionable recommendations to every recruiter, manager, and employee. This is why leading employers and fast-growing companies are hiring and developing their teams with Yobs.

How does Yobs work?

#1: Create a job profile

Choose from our pre-built job profiles or build your own. Our job profiles are proven to predict success on the job, and even give you the perfect interview questions to ask.

#2: Streamlined talent evaluation

You're too busy for yet another log-in to worry about. That's why the Yobs API integrates with all your tools. Making it seamless to measure soft skills in a recorded Zoom/MS Teams interview and get the results automatically in your Applicant Tracking System (and more!)

#3: Quantify potential and job-fit

Yobs reports quantify job-fit, performance risks, and offer actionable recommendations for hiring and developing individuals at scale.

#4: Make better hiring and development decisions, faster

Structured, data-driven talent insights create alignment among teams which accelerates the hiring process, helps identify and nurture future leaders, and ensure their potential is developed with personalized feedback and training.

What talent leaders and Yobs customers are saying:

Ramon Rodriganez
Co-founder & COO @ Nova Talent

"We are extremely happy about our collaboration with Yobs. This is another steptowards having a more digital and candidate-friendly selection process that cantruly help us find and assess candidates at scale. By moving away fromtraditional, self-reported personality assessments, we are also being moreaccurate at selecting the very best talent."

Julie Rogacki
Global Talent Management @ Nissan

" We rely on Yobs' inclusive and scalable assessment platform to empower 1,000+ employees at Nissan to grow and inform our succession planning processes. Both the quality and scale of our talent development efforts have increased by an order of magnitude."

Get started in < 5 minutes with our Pre-built Job Profiles

Yobs templates show you the key behavioral indicators required to be successful in any given role. Each template also provides the best interview questions to measure these key behavioral indicators for success. With Yobs templates, you can deploy a best-in-class and fair assessment process in minutes instead of weeks.

Frontline Healthcare

Charge nurse, Emergency Department RN, Oncology RN, Operating Room RN, Public Health Nurse, Registered Nurse, School Nurse, Staff Nurse, Staff RN, and more.

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Car salesman, Clerk, Customer Assistant, Retail Salesperson, Sales Associate, Sales Clerk, Sales Consultant, Sales Person, Sales Representative, Salesman, and more.

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Insurance Agents

Insurance Agent, Insurance Broker, Insurance Sales Agent, Sales Agent, Sales Associate, Sales Representative, Underwriting Sales Representative and more.

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People Manager

Business Manager, General Manager (GM), Operations Director, Operations Manager, Plant Superintendent, Store Manager

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Customer Relations

Cage Cashier, Cashier, Center Aisle Cashier, Central Aisle Cashier, Checker, Customer Assistant, Mutuel Clerk, Sales Associate, Toll Collector, Visitor Service Associate

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Bay Stocker, Material Handler, Receiver, Receiving Lead, Stock Clerk, Stocker, Stockroom Clerk, Warehouse Clerk, Warehouse Representative, Warehouse Worker

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Start in a snap, no expertise required

You don't need a large HR team, historical data, or external consultants anymore. We have job templates and implementation guides designed by I-O Psychologists made just for you.

No-code required. And our API is flexible enough to integrate Yobs with the tools you already use! Make better decisions without breaking your flow of work.

Our talent assessments are fair

Yobs has been rigorously tested and scientifically proven to reduce bias. Our API is fair in regards to race and gender, legally defensible and compliant with Data Privacy and Security laws.

The Science Behind Yobs

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Yobs has been adopted by a variety of fast-growing and large clients throughout the world. This white paper summarizes insights learned about Yobs when deployed with a large retailer, a global career development company, and a multi-billion dollar staffing agency.

Case Studies

Read how Yobs transformed the hiring and talent development process of Leroy Merlin, Nissan, and Nova Talent. No email required!

Leroy Merlin

This large retailer reduced time-to-hire by 30% and achieved an over 80% match between Yobs recommendations and hiring decisions.

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Nissan Motors

Nissan’s talent management team saved over $2M and increased the talent pool for its leadership tracks with Yobs' remote-friendly leadership assessment.

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Nova Talent

Nova Talent makes their selection process 25% shorter and 20% more predictive by replacing their legacy assessments with Yobs

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