Layers Yobs over any and all of your video calls - in seconds

Yobs can be layered over any video tool you use. Instantly, utilize our AI to quantify all of your judgements and receive a roadmap that quantifies how to enhance talent.

Live Interview Features

Add Yobs to any live video or audio call to analyze the participants response. Yobs has built a solution to fit with any tool and can provide our reports for process needed.

Receive a custom email address from Yobs

Customers will receive a custom email address to track and manage their reporting.

Invite the email to any video meeting

When scheduling any interview, add the customized email to join the interview in order to process the results.

Record the conversation

Once the interview is completed and recored, our API will receive the video directly from your tool.

Receive the report directly

Yobs will analyze the response and provide everyone who attended the meeting with the report in 2-24 hours!

Our Solutions

We know that distributed teams are the future. Because of that, we wanted to make Yobs Technology accessible to anyone with an internet connection. If you want to use a tool specifically for Yobs, we can build it.

Zoom or Microsoft Teams

We built Yobs around the most utilized video software requested from our customers. Focusing on Zoom or Microsoft teams, anyone can now get started in a matter of seconds and overlay all of their calls with Yobs technologies.

Request an integration

Want a custom integration to the tools you are using? Reach out to our team and we will be happy to connect with you and build out what you require. We're happy to provide custom solutions to any customer.