Automatically enhance your on-demand interview insights like never before

Yobs is built to layer over any on-demand video experience to analyze candidates responses and can send results directly to hiring or recruiting managers. Visualize fit-score, personality, and more of all of your candidates.

How Yobs works with on-demand interviews

Yobs can be integrated into any video or audio pre-screening experience. Upon completion, Yobs provides a fit-score, personality report, and can predict a candidates likelihood to succeed. Saving recruiting time for only the best of the best.

Choose your questions

Choose from our pre-built job profiles or build your own. Our job profiles are proven to predict success on the job, and even give you the perfect interview questions to ask.

Invite participants

Yobs API integrates with all your tools. Making it seamless to measure soft skills in a recorded  interview and get the results automatically in your Applicant Tracking System (and more!)

Yobs analyzes the responses

Yobs reports quantify job-fit, performance risks, and offer actionable recommendations for hiring and developing individuals at scale.

Receive a report directly

Structured, data-driven talent insights create alignment among teams which accelerates the hiring process, helps identify and nurture future leaders, and ensure their potential is developed with personalized feedback and training.


Yobs Technology recognizes that you may already have a platform to deliver your learning. The Yobs solution is available on hundreds of existing systems and we even built our own for emerging teams.

Integrated, no expertise required

You don't need a large HR team, historical data, or external consultants anymore. We have job templates and implementation guides designed by I-O Psychologists made just for you.

No-code required. And our API is flexible enough to integrate Yobs with the tools you already use! Make better decisions without breaking your flow of work.

Yobs Platform

We've built our own platform that allows you to invite candidates directly to our on-demand interview process. Choose your own questions, utilize our pre-built questions, or try our demo to experience Yobs Technology today.