Pre-built assessments for any solutions

Our pre-built assessment are based on what is proven to make someone successful in a given role. Our bank of recommended questions are designed by experts to generate desirable variance in responses and results.

Pre-Built Features

Yobs templates show you the key behavioral indicators required to be successful in any given role. Each template also provides the best interview questions to measure these key behavioral indicators for success.

Browse our assessment library

Customers receive access to our all of our job listings that cover 100+ different positions over 6 different industries.

Select the position that best applies to your use case

With Yobs templates, you can deploy a best-in-class and fair assessment process in minutes instead of weeks.

Ask our questions to your participant

Once you discover the best fit, utilize the questions that Yobs provides for your on-demand or live video interview process.

Receive the responses

Yobs will analyze the responses and provide you with the direct assessments tailored to that exact position and provide you with behavioral indicators for success.

Human in the loop

Yobs API provides talent assessment as-a-service. We evaluate text transcriptions from audio/video interview responses. Transcriptions are evaluated with respect to the Big 5 personality framework. We focus on the LIWC methodology, which captures the Big 5 and its sub-facets.Guaranteed quality thanks to human support: We then apply a confidence score for every assessment. If the confidence score does not meet our quality standards, we send the submission to human review by our trained I-O Psychologists. After review, the confidence score increases to 80% or more. This ensures high quality of assessments for each and every submission. No other assessment API on the market ensures this level of quality

Our process as a team

Our scientifically validated assessment service uses trained professionals and natural language processing to assess and individual's soft skills, the Big 5 personality traits. By combining natural language processing technology, dat-informed best practices and our trained assessment experts, the results is fair and reliable talent assessment at scale.