How does Yobs help me as an interviewer?

Yobs allows you to focus on the candidate, not on taking notes. It conveniently puts your structured interview questions and areas to cover at your fingertips, captures the details to make it easy and fast to leave substantive feedback, makes it seamless to collaborate with your hiring team to efficiently stay in-sync, and creates a more fair and equitable hiring process by removing subjectivity.

What should I say if a candidate asks why we record our interviews?

Here are the simple answers to have in your back pocket:

1. We record our interviews so we can focus on the conversation, not taking notes, and run a better hiring process.
2. Memory recall actually declines to 44% one hour after an interview. We want to make sure that we are basing our hiring decisions on your merit, and not our memory.
3. Yobs allows us to run a more equitable process by ensuring that all candidates are given the same questions and experience. Rather than requiring perfect recall or notes, it will allow hiring managers to refer back to specific questions and answers, and to triangulate perspectives using concrete examples.
4. Yobs also ensures your interviews are structured and well thought out, giving you the best opportunity to showcase your relevant experience and qualifications.
5. If you speak with multiple interviewers, Yobs will help the hiring team coordinate to give you a great experience. It’ll be much less likely you’ll be asked to “Tell me about yourself” four times in four interviews.

Will the candidate know they are being recorded?

Yes, the candidate will be made aware of the recording in the following ways:

For Zoom interviews with Yobs, there are three possible notification points for Zoom. 1) Candidates see a visual “Recording” in the top left corner of the Zoom. 2) as an interviewer, you have the option to enable active consent in Zoom, meaning that candidates have to click to agree to enter the Zoom, with the understanding that they will be recorded.

Will Yobs take notes for me?

With Yobs, the notes you take in the Interview Assistant will be time-stamped to take you right back into key moments. And the whole conversation will be transcribed for your convenience as well.

Can candidates request a copy of their recordings?

Yes, you can provide candidates a copy of their recording and transcript upon request via link or download.

Are you GDPR and EEOC compliant?

Yes! Please speak to our sales team to receive the adequate documentation for your compliance department or speak with our Data Protection Officer.