How does your API assess employees remotely?

The Yobs API supports video interviews, phone conversations or writing samples as input for talent assessments. This means no more in-person, 45-min long behavioral interviews or psychometric questionnaires to get information that can be shared remotely.

How much does Yobs cost?

The Yobs API is priced per report, paid monthly based on usage for SMBs. For enterprises, please contact sales directly to get a quote.

Does Yobs offer a video interview tool as well?

Yobs can offer a video interviewing tool with built-in candidate reports on soft skills and personality provided by our API. However, we happily integrate in whatever video interviewing tool you may already be using.

How do you mitigate bias in your cognitive service?

Yobs assessment reports are generated by a mix of trained experts, data-informed best practices and technology tools. The result is fair, predictive assessments at scale. Plus, we are constantly auditing our algorithms and removing biases that can creep in to our dataset such as differences due to gender, race, speech impairments, neurodiversity, accents or non-native speakers and more.

Does Yobs integrate in my ATS/ HRIS?

Yes! We have a large partner ecosystem and would be happy to speak with your HRIS / IT contact to coordinate integrations. Our API can also easily integrate in any platform.

Are you GDPR and EEOC compliant?

Yes! Please speak to our sales team to receive the adequate documentation for your compliance department or speak with our Data Protection Officer.