The science behind yobs

We are a team of HR practitioners, data scientists and organizational psychologists working with world-class researchers to continuously validate and mitigate adverse impact from biases.

How it works

The Yobs Talent Assessment service provides an application programming interface (API) for measuring behavioral insights from voice, video and text communication. Our scientifically validated assessment service uses trained professionals and natural language processing to assess an individual's communication style, work style, soft skills and the Big 5 personality traits from a validated video assessment.

Speach and verbal skills

The speaker's naturally spoken answers are transcribed into text automatically in 60+ languages. The speech's content is then analyzed linguistically for word choice, sentence construction preferences and more using natural language processing.

Non-verbal cues

We analyze not just what is said but how it is said. Elements like tone, pitch, emotions and other non-verbal elements of communication that help provide a full picture of a person's communication style. We don´t do facial analysis for bias and privacy reasons.

Vetted and subconscious bias

Our pre-processing algorithms and datasets and constantly vetted for adverse impact that can arise from demographic, physical, linguistic and cognitive differences between individuals.

99.99% quality with review system

Our API generates a confidence score for every report to help ensure the highest quality. Our team of trained reviewers, assisted by quality assurance tools, ensure that every report sent back to you is accurate.

We consistently measure and analyze potential gender bias and ethnicity bias in our assessment.

Yobs API is fair and proven to be unbiased

The sciences of personality

Our API evaluates the "Big 5", the five most important dimensions of personality and soft skills, in accordance with the Five Factor Model (FFM)—a model that’s used by 85% of the Fortune 500 in hiring and training assessments and is the most accepted by the industry and scientific community.  It is also largely proven to be correlated with job success in many different occupations in consensus literature. In a validation study conducted by researchers in I/O Psychology, Yobs' Big 5 assessment of 500+ individuals was strongly, positively correlated with the experts' assessment of these individuals. Other technologies benchmarked, such as IBM Watson, significantly underperformed the Yobs API.  Click on each trait to learn more about how they may influence workplace success.

The five dimensions of personality

Enriching your process with AI Talent

Leverage talent reports backed by decades of industrial/organizational psychology research and enriched with thousands of data points, to make game-time talent decisions.

Step 1: Connect your video / audio data

Pass your video URL's or audio files to our API. Each file will be analyzed by our Cognitive Service and results will be returned as JSON or as a beautiful PDF report. Simple as that.

Step 2: Connect your talent metrics with our data

Every business is different. Pick the talent metrics that matter to your business like turnover, show-up rate, performance rating and more. Leverage the Yobs Talent Assessment reports to help your teams operate at their best or enhance your predictive models.

Step 3: Make fair, data -informed talent decisions.

Based on your talent reports provided by Yobs' API, you can directly improve hiring quality and speed, employee retention and engagement, performance,  learning outcomes and more.