The API for 

Remote Talent Assessment.

Yobstech enables talent and operations leaders to automate reliable, science-backed reports on their employees' soft skills, character traits and well-being. 

Build high-performing teams at scale.

Immediate ROI

Yobs enabes decision makers to quickly and reliably assess talent at scale with our easy-to-use API. No PhD needed.

Develop and retain

your talent

Yobs' API helps clients answer questions like:  What is driving employee turnover? What traits and values do my top performers share? How can I create a more inclusive and diverse hiring process?

Unlock the value in your

voice & video data

Whether you are recruiting, assembling a team, developing talent or measuring employee well-being, the Yobs API supports a variety of use cases.


Soft skills are proven to be the best indicator of long-term job success.

With Yobs, you get:

Assess talent remotely,


By analyzing every interview in real-time, the Yobs API enables you to feel like you've been in every conversation with your candidates while liberating you to focus on more strategic tasks.

Fair talent reports, at scale.

Thanks to robust assessment science, cutting-edge machine learning technology and our quality assurance system powered by a team of trained professionals, our API offers reliability without sacrificing on speed and ease of use.  Read more about our science.

Fits Into Existing Workflow

Integrate our API with your database, ATS, CRM or home-grown system to upgrade your process with AI-powered talent assessment seamlessly. 

Leverage talent reports enriched with thousands of data points

 to assess talent on-demand, at scale.  


Yobstech is the #1 way for modern operation and talent leaders to scale their talent assessments.