The API for 

Remote Talent Assessment.

Yobstech enables talent and operations leaders to automate reliable, science-backed reports on their employees' soft skills, character traits and well-being. 

Build high-performing teams at scale.

Yobs enabes decision makers to quickly and reliably assess talent at scale with our easy-to-use API. No PhD needed.

Develop and retain

your talent

Yobs' API helps clients answer questions like:  What is driving employee turnover? What traits and values do my top performers share? How can I create a more inclusive and diverse hiring process?

Unlock the value in your

voice & video data

Whether you are recruiting, assembling a team, developing talent or measuring employee well-being, the Yobs API supports a variety of use cases.


With Yobs, you get:

Assess talent remotely,


Reliable talent reports, at scale.

Fits Into Existing Workflow

Leverage talent reports enriched with thousands of data points

 to assess talent on-demand, at scale.  


Yobstech is the #1 way for modern operation and talent leaders to scale their talent assessments. 


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