Automate student assessments in admissions and career prep.

Yobs enables admission teams to identify high-potential applicants earlier in the application cycle. We then help students find careers that best match them. 

Assess and develop student potential at scale.

Secure the best students for your program and cut the number of hours spent reviewing applicants by half by identifying high-potential earlier on in the cycle.

Help students find

their dream job

Yobs' API helps students practice video interviewing, which is now the norm for most employers. In parallel, students get a report on their personality and soft skills to discover what careers best match them.

Overcome biases

in admissions

Trying to stay objective while assessing a student among a thousand others is near impossible. Yobs takes off some of that pressure with an easy-to-use API designed to help your teams make the right decision every time.


With Yobs, you get:

Assess students remotely,


Reliable talent reports, at scale.

Easy to implement

Leverage simple, science-based talent reports 

 to assess students and applicants anytime, anywhere.  


Yobs is the #1 way for modern schools and programs to scale their student assessments. 


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