Better, fairer

candidate screening.

Yobs lets your recruiters replace time-consuming phone screens with fair and predictive video assessments of soft skills, personality and culture-fit.

Build high-performing teams at scale.

Reduce time-to-hire

by 60%

No more time wasted on scheduling interviews and conducting phone screens with predictive, pre-recorded video assessments.

Hire top talent


Yobs' remote talent assessment API lets you find and attract top candidates wherever they are. Enabling you to build world-class teams at a lower cost.

Reduce bias

Overcome prestige bias and focus only on traits that are predictive of job success. Using Yobs, 80% of our clients have hired more top performers from underrepresented backgrounds.


Soft skills are proven to be the best indicator of long-term job success.

With Yobs, you get:

Assess candidates remotely,


By analyzing every interview in real-time, the Yobs API enables you to feel like you've been in every conversation with your candidates while liberating you to focus on more strategic tasks.

Reliable personality reports, at scale.

Thanks to robust assessment science, cutting-edge machine learning technology and our quality assurance system powered by a team of trained professionals, our API offers reliability without sacrificing on speed and ease of use. Read more about our science

Easy to use

Integrate our API with your Applicant Tracking System or HR Information Systems to enrich your process with data-informed talent assessments. 

Leverage data-informed talent reports to build 

high-performing teams at scale.  


Yobstech is the #1 way for modern recruiters to improve and scale their hiring efforts.