Better, fairer

candidate screening.

Yobs lets your recruiters replace time-consuming phone screens with predictive video assessments of soft skills, personality and culture-fit. 

Build high-performing teams at scale.

No more time wasted on scheduling interviews and conducting phone screens with predictive, pre-recorded video assessments.

Hire top talent


Yobs' remote talent assessment API lets you find and attract top candidates wherever they are. Enabling you to build world-class teams at a lower cost.

Reduce bias

Overcome prestige bias and focus only on traits that are predictive of job success. Using Yobs, 80% of our clients have hired more top performers from underrepresented backgrounds.


With Yobs, you get:

Assess candidates remotely,


Reliable personality reports, at scale.

Easy to use

Leverage data-informed talent reports to build 

high-performing teams at scale.  


Yobstech is the #1 way for modern recruiters to improve and scale their hiring efforts. 


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