Assess employee potential,

personality & well-being, at scale.

Yobs automates reliable, science-backed talent assessment

for employees, wherever they are in the world.

Build high-performing teams at scale.

Yobs reports and insights show your employees the best mobility paths for them in the Future of Work while enabling your hiring teams to hire better form the inside. 

Develop and grow


Yobs helps managers understand the traits that their top performers share. This data can be used to inform training and development for teams and even each employee.   

Increase employee

satisfaction & inclusion

Yobs provides you with actionable and un-biased insights to make the right decision every time. That includes employee well-being, even remotely, in order to reduce burnout, churn and low productivity.


With Yobs, you get:

Assess employees remotely,


Reliable talent reports, at scale.

Easy to use

Develop your talent, create mobility paths and make the right

decisions every time with the Yobs assessment API.  


Yobs is the #1 way for modern executives and HR leaders to manage their workforce in the Future of Work. 


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