The old campus recruiting playbook was torn up in 2020, forcing schools to quickly transition to virtual experiences. But while much of what has happened to date has been out of your control, you have a choice in what’s to come.

Measure potential, not pedigree

Yobs enables admission teams to identify high-potential applicants earlier in the application cycle. We then help students find careers that best match them.

Prepare your students

Yobs' API helps students practice video interviewing, which is now the norm for most employers. In parallel, students get a report on their personality and soft skills to discover what careers best match them.

Promote diversity

The Yobs API has been rigorously tested for our data to be fair in regards to race and gender, legally defensible, and compliant with Data Privacy and Security laws (eg GDPR.)

Cast a wider net

Trying to stay objective while assessing a student among a thousand others is near impossible. Yobs takes off some of that pressure with an easy-to-use API designed to help your teams make the right decision every time.

Increase quality of admissions

Secure the best students for your program and cut the number of hours spent reviewing applicants by half by identifying high-potential earlier on in the cycle.

Yobs enables admission teams to identify high-potential applicants earlier in the application cycle.

Competitors focus on replacing the decision-maker with AI, especially for hiring. On the contrary, Yobs applies AI to nudge them towards best practices and tie decisions to outcomes.

Cutting edge hiring technology

Our API evaluates the "Big 5", the five most important dimensions of personality and soft skills, in accordance with the Five Factor Model (FFM)—a model that’s used by 85% of the Fortune 500 in hiring and training assessments and is the most accepted by the industry and scientific community.  It is also largely proven to be correlated with job success in many different occupations in consensus literature.

Easy to implement

Our API can connect with your system of choice, making the lives of your admission teams and career services teams easier. And more importantly, improving the lives of your students.

Reliable reports at scale

Thanks to robust assessment science, cutting-edge machine learning technology and our quality assurance system powered by a team of trained professionals, our API offers reliability without sacrificing on speed and ease of use

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