Replace implicit bias and fuzzy notes from your phone or Zoom interviews with an automated, evidence-based candidate report on job fit, soft skills, personality, and culture fit delivered directly in your ATS.

Move the needle on your most pressing hiring challenges

From time-to-hire to new hire diversity to candidate experience, Yobs provides a complete solution from requisition to offer, reducing time-to-fill, and delivering an immediate ROI.

Reduce time-to-hire by 70%

No more time wasted on scheduling interviews and conducting phone or Zoom screens with predictive, pre-recorded video assessments.

Reduce bias

Focus only on traits that are predictive of job success. Using Yobs, 80% of our clients have hired more top performers from underrepresented backgrounds.

Hire top talent remotely

Candidates can self-conduct their Yobs video interview and assessment wherever they are, whenever is most convenient for them.

Evidence based

Rather than focusing on backward-looking resumes or self-reported questionnaires, collect objective behavioral data for real predictive value of employee success.

The hiring API for global and distributed teams

Yobs enables recruiters to automatically quantify their candidates' job-fit, culture fit, and soft skills at scale whether they currently do live interviews or one-way interviews. With Yobs you can free up time and resources to focus recruiter hours on more strategic tasks and good-fit candidates.

Faster and better hiring decisions based on explicit evidence, not implicit bias

Yobs empowers companies to hire candidates with the right skills and the ability to learn. Fill roles faster and at a lower cost with talent rediscovery, efficient analysis, personalized coaching suggestions, and much more. 

Assess candidates remotely

Yobs’ AI-powered assessments enable you to review millions of profiles from your talent pool in seconds. Instantly gauge organizational culture and development. Candidates can self-conduct their Yobs video assessment wherever they are, whenever is most convenient for them.

Reliable personality reports, at scale

Yobs analyzes behavioral cues based on the scientifically-validated, Five-Factor Model. Within minutes, organizations gain a clear snapshot of how a candidate integrates into a position and team with scientifically-backed results.

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