Talent Development

Yobs helps organizations improve engagement and performance by empowering teams with insights designed to drive self-awareness, communication, and collaboration.

Unlock the true potential of your workforce

Yobs provides reliable, science-backed talent assessments for employees, wherever they are in the world. Assess employee potential, personality, and well-being fairly and at scale.

Actionable input

Yobs provides you with actionable and unbiased insights to make the right decision every time. That includes employee well-being. Reduce burnout, churn, and low productivity - even remotely.

Personalized development reports

Employees gain insight into their own strengths and weaknesses while hiring managers are provided a blueprint for coaching their direct reports down to their preferred communication style.

Maximize potential

Yobs helps managers understand the traits that their top performers share. This data can be used to inform training and development for entire teams or personalized 1:1 employee coaching.  

Build teams with synergistic skills

One person’s strength is another teammate’s weakness. With Yobs talent development reports gain insights into your team’s communication styles, motivations, and more to ensure your team is hitting on all cylinders.

World-class employee experience

Drive your employee NPS through the roof by showing your workforce you're investing in them and their careers with our talent development reports boasting personalized growth and coaching suggestions.

Create, manage, and cultivate high-performance teams

Assess the potential and well-being of employees remotely to maximize your investment in your workforce. Create new mobility paths and build employee satisfaction and retention.

Build strong, cohesive teams

Yobs video assessments aim to empower every member of your team to learn about themselves so that they can develop and thrive at work.

Coach team members to success

Understand each and every team member on an individual level. These insights help managers have more meaningful 1:1s by highlighting ways to tap into each individual’s strengths or to help them improve in areas that may be challenging.

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