Connect Zoom and Google Calendar to Yobs

Here's a quick guide to get started with Yobs in 3 steps!

A. If you have access to Zoom and Google Calendar

B. If you're not an Admin or Owner of a Zoom Pro account

C. Other questions

A. If you have access to Zoom

1. During the signup

Upon signing up, you will be prompted to connect your Google Calendar and Zoom to Yobs.

Step 1: Choose the work account connected to your Google Calendar

Step 2: Click “Continue” to enable view-only access to Yobs app:

This allows you to see your upcoming meetings in the Yobs web app. You can add Yobs to meetings in the web app, or invite as a meeting participant from your Google Calendar directly.

Step 3: Sign in to your work Zoom account normally (this will connect it to Yobs)

Step 4: Enable Yobs to join Zoom meetings (only when invited to!)

B. If you're not an Admin or Owner of a Zoom Pro account

1. In case you don't have access to a Zoom Pro Account but want to connect it to Yobs we suggest you upgrade to a Zoom Pro Account or invite a colleague to your Yobs workspace and ask him/her to complete Step A.

2. If you are not Admin or Owner of your Zoom pro account, you can request one of your Zoom admin(s) to give you the right permission.

For that, they can simply make you Admin. Alternatively, they can create a custom role and enable the following permissions: 

- "View/Edit Users"

- "View Recording Content"

- "Recording management - View AND Edit" access.

If you're not a Zoom admin, here are the minimum permissions needed

Here are the links for your Zoom admin to do so: 

- Create a role with these permissions here:

- Apply the role to the user here:


For additional Zoom support on this, you can also read this article:

C. Common questions

Do I need to tell other participants I’m using Yobs?

You should follow your local regulations to know what you must do, but oftentimes it is required to ask for permission to record a meeting. We recommend you do that by default at the beginning of every meeting. Additionally, Zoom also automatically asks for consent to record the meeting before a participant joins.

You can delete a meeting's recording and related data at any time in your dashboard.

Is it safe to connect Zoom and Google Calendar to Yobs?

Yes. We take serious measures to make sure your data stays safe.

(Learn more here.)

Is Yobs going to create new events on my Calendar or mess with my meetings?

Nope. We have read-only access to your Zoom/Google Calendar data. That means Yobs can’t do anything besides join the meeting, record it, and give you awesome analytics.

Is my set up working properly?

You may check that the set up was properly completed. For that head to Yobs and open the "Overview" section in the left navigation sidebar.

If everything worked out you should see your upcoming meetings flowing into Yobs, like this:

Now that you’ve connected Zoom and Google Calendar, head here to learn how to run Zoom interviews like an expert with our job scorecard templates.

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