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Yobs Co-Pilot provides advanced analytics based on the interview transcript to uncover hidden insights about the candidate's job-fit, strengths and potential red flags for the hiring team to investigate.

A. What insights does Yobs provide to recruiting teams?

After every interview, Yobs delivers a comprehensive candidate assessment report. This report includes insights and recommendations on the candidate’s strengths, weaknesses, and fit-scores on the key job competencies. All within a few hours of the interview being completed. 

You may be asking yourself, how can Yobs do this for thousands of interviews per month? That’s where our interview assessment technology comes in. By using natural language understanding and machine learning, Yobs is able to augment and scale its team of trained experts. Our experts are all PhDs in Work Psychology and go through extensive bias and interview assessment training. Bringing best-in-class candidate evaluations directly to you with no effort.

B. Interpreting the Co-Pilot candidate report

The candidate report generated by Co-Pilot contains the following insights: strengths, opportunities for growth, personality snapshot, recommendations for maximizing strengths and recommendations for minimizing / overcoming limitations. Below is a short description of each component.

Trait Level:

Based on a normal curve, Co-Pilot categorizes candidate scores into three levels. High, Average, Low. Average scores are reflected in a range of percentiles centered around the 50th percentile: 40th-60th. High levels contained the range of scores above (≥ 61) and Low levels reflecting the range of scores below (≤ 39th).

Trait Definition:

Each definition for the identified trait is reflected in trait adjectives chosen to target the specific level (High, Average, Low) of the targeted trait.


Strengths identify work opportunities or circumstances individuals with the identified level of the trait may have an increased chance for success due to their specific personality traits.

Opportunities for Growth:

Opportunities for growth identify work opportunities or circumstances that may pose a challenge or obstacle for individuals because of their level on that targeted trait.

Personality Snapshot:

The personality snapshot provides a short description of how this individual may be perceived because of their level on the targeted trait.


Maximizing Strengths:

These recommendations provide work opportunities or circumstances for individuals with the identified level of the personality trait to seek out for further developing their skills and abilities to maximize the degree a personality trait contributes to their success.


Minimizing/Overcoming Limitations:

These recommendations provide insights into what to further evaluate in the recruiting process. For new hires, it also informs work opportunities or circumstances for individuals with the identified level of the personality trait to seek out for further developing their skills and abilities to succeed by overcoming any challenges their personality may present.

C. Common questions

Does Co-Pilot replace recruiters?

It doesn’t. Co-Pilot is a tool designed FOR recruiters to provide additional context on a candidate’s competencies, soft skills and personality based on their interviews only. Co-pilot doesn’t look at other information like the CV, references and work samples, which can provide valuable signals for the hiring decision. 


Additionally, the insights provided by Co-Pilot can be a useful tool for recruiters to provide feedback to candidates with less time and effort. As well as for managers to personalize the onboarding and employee experience with a greater understanding of a new hire on Day 1.

How else does Co-Pilot use candidates’ data?

Co-Pilot doesn’t not store or share any personal information about the candidate. Its sole purpose is to serve the client using it. Learn more about our privacy policy here.

Does Co-Pilot help reduce bias in recruiting?

By providing an objective second opinion, Co-Pilot can be a very useful tool to help reduce the human biases that naturally creep into the interviewing process. 

Additionally, recruiting managers sometimes use Co-Pilot as a benchmark to compare different recruiters’ judgement of candidates over time and identify potential recurring biases.

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