Replay, share and analyze candidate highlights to hire faster with real evidence

Remote hiring doesn't mean everyone needs to join every 30 min+ interview to know what was said with a candidate. With Yobs, interviews are automatically recorded and transcribed - and recruiting teams can highlight key moments to easily recall and share the best moments.

A/ See all your interviews in one place - recorded and transcribed

B/ Create, replay and share interview highlights

C/ Use this evidence to support rigorous and fair hiring decisions

Candidate evaluation is all about creating a virtuous circle of feedback to make interactions between your company and potential employees as pleasant and productive as possible.

At Yobs, we believe your candidate-evaluation system needs to be able to do the following:

+ Filter:

Candidate and interview information needs to be easily sortable so that the recruiting team can evaluate an applicant fairly and efficiently.

+ Evaluate:

The hiring committee needs a complete and intelligible picture of the candidate's competencies (or lack thereof).

+ Iterate:

You need to be able to separate the signal from the noise in feedback on your hiring process, acting quickly to make it better for each round of potential hires.

Yobs provides recruiting teams with the tools to hire faster, based on real substance, and create this virtuous cycle of feedback to consistently replicate success.

A/ See all your interviews in one place - recorded and transcribed

To see the recording and transcript of any meeting, it only takes 2 clicks: 

Step 1: Click “Upcoming Meetings” tab on your left sidebar.

You can see all your meetings, and filter by meetings you recorded or by those shared with you by team members.

Step 2: Click on any meeting with a “completed” status, and voila!

Replay key moments, search transcript, and collaborate

Now that you know where to find the recording and transcript of your interviews, here is how you can create and share interview highlights for faster and better hiring.

B/ Create, replay and share interview highlights

Your teammates don't need to watch the full recording of the 30min+ interview. First, they can adjust playback speed and second, you can create timestamped highlights to make sure they don't miss a key moment!

You can easily share all meetings with teammates in your Yobs Workspace, or only specific meetings with specific people - even external - via email and link invitations.

C/ Use this evidence to support rigorous and fair hiring decisions

Oftentimes, you only get 30-mins to make an opinion about a candidate. With Yobs, we already do the legwork for you to make the most out of this time with scorecard templates and automatically recording and transcribing the meeting.

But that’s not all. With Yobs, you'll never miss a key moment again, whether you want to: 

  • Make a seamless candidate handoff
  • Calibrate based on real substance
  • Check each other’s biases

Want more advanced analytics? 

Check out how your team can get advanced interview analytics with Yobs Co-Pilot here.

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