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Top hiring teams use interview scorecards to standardize the evaluation of candidates in the interview process. But oftentimes, this structure built by hiring managers can remain under-used, or not used at all, by the rest of the hiring team. With Yobs, you can view and tag key job competencies by pulling in your existing structure or using Yobs templates - during and after Zoom interviews. Increasing the quality of interviews, and making it easier to share your candidate evaluations with others.

A. What is a scorecard, and why use one?

B. Use and fill out scorecards effectively Yobs

C. 3 tips to run an effective interview with scorecards

A. What is a scorecard, and why use one?

As highlighted by SmartRecruiters, top hiring teams use interview scorecards to standardize the evaluation of candidates in the interview process. In its most basic form, each interviewer completes a scorecard for each candidate. Once the hiring team compiles scorecards for every candidate, they compare rankings and identify the strongest candidates.

Interview scorecards typically include:

- The job specific competencies

- How well a candidate fits in the organizational culture

- Notes highlighting or elaborating on a candidates' responses to various questions

- Potential reasons or areas of concern

- A hire / not hire recommendation

Harvard Business Review and decades of industrial psychology research found that the validity or predictive power of a typical unstructured job interview is around 20%, meaning that only one in five interviews increases the baseline odds that a hired candidate will be successful. Scorecards are a very effective tool for recruiters to help level the playing field for candidates, create a quantitative basis for comparison and validation, and enable you and your organization to make better hiring decisions over time.

B. Use and fill out scorecards effectively with Yobs

An interview scorecard should not be overly complicated. You should start with around 5-8 interview criteria, as well as an easy-to-tabulate scoring system. Yobs offers easy-to-use templates to help you create and use your own interview scorecards for 50+ roles covering sales, product, management and more.

To use a scorecard template for you next Zoom interview, follow these 3 steps:

Step 1: Head over to the and click “record and analyze” to add Yobs to an upcoming meeting.

Step 2: Select the closest option for the meeting type, function and role. This will select the right scorecard template for your meeting. 

Step 3: During the Zoom meeting, you can easily view the key competencies and tag them while leaving notes

Select interview kits (from Greenhouse or Yobs templates) and use them in the flow of work!

Additionally, if you already have scorecards built in external sources, like Greenhouse, you can pull in the information from the in-meeting menu as shown above.

C. 3 tips to run an effective interview with scorecards

Scorecards offer an important method to quantitatively evaluate candidates. By comparing the scorecard to future performance on the job, you can also assess the efficacy of your hiring process, and up-level recruiters’ performance. Here are 3 tips to get the most out of scorecards: 

1. Fill out the scorecard post meeting: Because interviewers are focused on taking notes and filling out their scorecards, they sometimes fail to properly engage and connect with candidates. By waiting until the end of an interview to fill out the scorecard, you minimize distractions during the interview but also ensure the information the candidate shares is still fresh. With Yobs, you can access the interview recording and transcript anytime. This frees you up to focus on engaging  the candidate during the interview. 

Instantly fill out your Greenhouse Scorecard with our in-app GH button

2. Keep the conversation organic: While scorecards provide structure to the interview process, all hiring managers know that the best interviews are somewhat organic--they rely on exploring topics, ideas and asking follow-up questions as they present themselves. Don’t be afraid to go beyond the scorecard sometimes, instead of simply checking boxes. It’s also more fun for everyone!

3. Maximize efficiency with Yobs templates and auto-scoring: Scorecards require significant time. You must establish your hiring goals, align them with organizational goals and culture, determine questions to meet those goals, etc. With Yobs scorecard templates, you get an 80% solution for this instantly. And with our auto-scoring feature, powered by trained experts and state-of-the-art Machine Learning, you can get a second opinion on the candidate’s interview performance. You don’t need to lift a finger. Within a few hours, you will  automatically receive the candidate report with a fit score on the competencies selected, as well as personalized tips and recommendations to help you make a better hiring decision, faster. 

Sounds like magic? Ready to give it a run? Head over to and try it on your next Zoom interview! 

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