Better interviews, for better hires, in less time.

Yobs is the first interview intelligence platform on top of your existing web conferencing and ATS systems. Help your team run structured, high quality interviews that can be replayed, shared and analyzed.

Unlock fairer, faster, and smarter interviewing

Automatically record and transcribe candidate calls, replay and share key moments of every interview, run structured interviews on the fly and scale your interviewer training.

Reduce time-to-hire

Recall and share key interview moments to reduce indecision and hire top talent faster. Never miss a candidate highlight again!

Reduce bias

Make decisions based on real evidence, rather than fuzzy memory. Consistently replicate success and make adjustments with advanced interview analytics.

Scale interviewer training

Review interview calls together as a team and get personalized feedback to make every interview engaging, fair and predictive.

The hiring API for growing teams, anywhere.

Yobs enables recruiters to automatically quantify their candidates' job-fit, culture fit, and soft skills at scale whether they currently do live interviews on Zoom or on-demand interviews. With Yobs you can free up time and resources to focus recruiter hours on more strategic tasks and good-fit candidates.


Faster and better hiring decisions based on explicit evidence,
not implicit bias

Yobs empowers companies to hire candidates with the right skills and the ability to learn. Fill roles faster and at a lower cost with interview highlights, interview guidance, advanced analytics, much more.

Capture and share interview highlights in one-click

Yobs seamlessly joins interview meetings and records and transcribes the conversation. As it unfolds, recruiters can take notes and create highlights that sync with the ATS.

Reduce time and cost to hire

Transforming Zoom interviews into structured, high-quality assessments that can be replayed, shared, and analyzed Yobs customers are cutting their time-to-hire.

Invest in up-leveling the bar of every interviewer

Because “I know it when I see it” is not a defensible selection strategy, invest early in training a strong recruiting team with Interview Search and Analytics.