Measure and accelerate employee growth with AI.

Your people are your #1 resource. Yobs unlocks insights into every employee at scale, pinpointing strengths and areas of growth for your entire organization to reach its full potential.

How teams utilize Yobs to accelerate growth

Yobs provides reliable, science-backed insights into employee potential, wherever they are in the world.
Measure employee personality, strengths, and performance risks more equitably and get insights delivered at scale.

Personalized development reports

Employees gain insight into their own strengths and areas of growth while managers are provided a blueprint for coaching their direct reports down to their preferred communication style.

Actionable input for better onboarding, 1:1s, OKRs
and more.

Yobs provides managers with actionable insights to improve performance, increase retention and drive DEI by understanding the drivers and triggers of their people.

Unlock data-driven workforce management

Yobs arms Talent Leaders, L&D Teams and People Analytics teams with quantifiable data on the drivers of performance, retention, and DEI to manage their dynamic, growing workforce.

Accelerate growth, while building a world-class culture and employee experience

Drive your employee NPS through the roof by showing your workforce you're investing in them and their careers with our talent development reports boasting personalized growth and coaching suggestions.


World-class employee experience

One person’s strength is another teammate’s weakness. With Yobs talent development reports gain insights into your team’s communication styles, motivations, and more to ensure your team is hitting on all cylinders.

Identify and develop high-potentials

Because “I know it when I see it” is neither defensible nor the best way to manage talent for the future Yobs uses research-based strategies—rather than managers’ perceptions—to identify and develop high potentials.

Yobs talent data enables
best-in-class onboarding, 1:1s, OKRs, and L&D at scale

Our I-O developed research methodologies include assessing your talent’s foundational and growth dimensions and map the data to career dimensions to inform performance management, personalized training, coaching feedback, and L&D.  

Invest in people,
Reduce undesirable churn

In an increasingly dynamic and remote work environment, it’s more important than ever to invest in your employee’s careers and futures, with Yobs’ this investment is personalized and data-driven.