2022 Guide to
AI in Hiring

Learn how to effectively manage AI in hiring and stay ahead of the competition while remaining compliant. Our AI in Hiring Guide has the information you need to get started.

In partnership with the companies leading the AI revolution in talent acquisition:

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How to manage AI for your talent acquisition process

The talent market today is hot, and bottom line, the main differentiator separating successful startups from the rest of the pack is the ability to attract top talent, swiftly.

Technology is a key lever, but despite all the talk around AI - it's not easy to understand, implement or manage these new solutions to materially improve talent acquisition processes while staying compliant.

In this guide, we offer key findings from 100+ discussions with various talent leaders, AI experts and industry analysts. These insights will help you:

  • Design an effective and scalable virtual hiring process with AI
  • How AI is transforming sourcing, interviewing, assessments, reference checks and more
  • Understand the evolving regulation around AI  in talent acquisition
  • A shortlist of the best AI solutions for TA leaders to consider in 2022
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Consistently better hiring decisions

Assess candidates' true competencies with real evidence.

A more efficient hiring process

Support teams to hire with conviction and reduce indecision.

Less implicit bias

Crush bias where it really hurts: in every interview and hiring decision.

A better candidate experience

Give every candidate the interview experience they deserve.