Scale talent, empower individuals

Futurism meets humanity with Yobs. Scale talent development to all employees, not just a few execs, and empower your entire workforce to own their career paths.

Measure potential, maximize talent

In an increasingly remote work world, assessing and developing talent while maintaining a world-class employee experience has become more and more difficult. But, with Yobs, it doesn’t have to be.

Flexible integrations

The Yobs API makes it possible to seamlessly integrate with dozens of ATS and HRIS platforms and video platforms. We work where you already work.

Candidate and employee experience

User satisfaction of Yobs is high from leaders to end-users. Among our goals is to help you improve your candidate experience, employee NPS, and retention.

Enterprise tested

From Nissan to Heidrick & Struggles to Leroy Merlin, Yobs has stood strong to some of the most rigorous environments and even secured Manpower’s “Top AI HR Tech Product” award.

Legal defensibility

Through rigorous validation and item-level analysis, our team of I-O Psychologists work hard to provide a more accurate, fair, and objective signal of candidate potential.

GDPR and EEOC compliant

Your data, as well as your reputation, is secure with Yobs. We are GDPR and EEOC compliant, and our platform is scientifically proven to reduce bias.

Customized solutions

We build customized solutions for clients, ensuring that your platform is optimized to bring the best results for your business. HR is the broker of happiness and performance, and technology is the facilitator to achieve this with efficiency and consistency.

Human and AI

Guaranteed quality thanks to human support. If we don’t reach an 80% confidence score on an assessment, we send the submission to human review by our trained I-O Psychologists. No other assessment on the market ensures this level of quality

Eliminate annual reviews

When employees feel under appreciated and underdeveloped, they look for other opportunities. Yobs can help institute a 'hire to retire' employee experience with scientifically validated, ongoing coaching and feedback to connect the dots and ensure it's accessible to every employee regardless of level.

Plug and play

Yobs enables decision-makers to quickly and reliably assess talent at scale with our easy-to-use API. No Ph.D. needed. No code required. The Yobs API supports a variety of use cases and sits on top of the tools you already use, delivering rich talent analytics in your existing flow of work. Yobs opens the black box of talent decisions, makes them searchable and understandable, and improves outcomes with data-driven insights.