Building a talent process for a diverse, remote workforce is hard

Implement a culture and merit-based approach from hiring to development with Yobs and grow your company with the right people

Culture is incredibly important, and an AI-only solution shouldn't set the standard.

Yobs is an award-winning psychology-led platform powered by our patented AI technology. This brings the best of both worlds to your process - human and tech. We see the future of work as a meritocracy. What certificates or degrees you have do not define potential. We support companies who have the same vision for their companies to grow with this ethos.


Top talent seeks minimal friction during hiring and onboarding and confidence that your company is the right place not just to grow a business, but themselves. Make sure your company can show that to stand out from competition.


Deliver a consistent and fair experience for everyone no matter wherein the world. This starts with implementing a great people-first process


Your company is growing. You need scalable and remote-first solutions to support you on your journey, and this is hard to achieve through people power alone.

Culture Oriented

To hire the right people for your company, they need to fit the culture and have potential for development. Assess people through soft skills and values.


To deliver a truly world-class employee experience, you need to connect all the dots. From hiring, development, promotion, and everywhere in between, the process needs to be holistic and congruent.

Built with long-term vision

By empowering yourself, and employees, with true understanding of their future potential, you ensure your company is growing with the people who create it.

API integration

We have a no-code platform + templates for each step, so anyone can use our product and get setup faster than on any comparable platform. If you need more integration support and flexibility, our API is flexible enough to integrate with your tools. No need to disrupt your existing process.

Human and tech

We productize and automate proven best practices for talent management from I-O psychologists. Hence we built the best team of I-O psychologists and builders in the space.

Built for the 'Zoom era' of Remote Work

We gather talent intelligence from recording, transcribing, and analyzing calls, such as interviews. This makes every talent decision evidence-based, understandable, and searchable. Additionally, employees/managers standing on important individual differences and skills can be linked to personalized developmental opportunities and subsequent business ROI. In this way, Yobs provides actionable insights to employees and managers to improve performance.