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The API for

Modern Talent Assessment.

Yobs enables talent and product leaders to get detailed, science-backed reports on soft skills, character traits and more from their audio and video content. 

Assess modern talent at scale.

Yobs API enabes decision makers to quickly and accurately assess their talent at scale.

And with no PhD needed.

Drive growth with

untapped cognitive insights

Yobs' API helps clients answer questions like:  What is driving employee turnover? What traits and values do my top performers share? How can I create a more inclusive and diverse hiring process?

Unlock the value in your

voice & video data

Whether you are building a prediction model for turnover, a matching algorithm or simply want to arm your recruiting team with better data, the Yobs API supports a variety of use cases.


With Yobs, you get:

Video and Audio

Assessment at Scale

Real-Time Analytics

Fits Into Existing Workflow

Leverage talent reports enriched with thousands of data points

 to manage your talent like a world-class organization.  


Yobstech is the #1 way for executives and agencies to understand the drivers of talent success.